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A Lot Of Different Things In Brief - Eroticdreambattle — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tony Grist

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A Lot Of Different Things In Brief [Jan. 17th, 2016|05:22 pm]
Tony Grist
1.John Cale's new video- for the song I Keep Close Watch- features him pootling into a club full of people young enough to be his grandchildren- all of them wearing masks-  having a drink, then pootling out again. I like John Cale. The video looks like it cost about thruppence.

2. Ailz and I have said we need to update our wills. I know one should but I'd rather not. Wills can be so contentious- and who wants to have his/her dearly beloved muttering out of the sides of their mouths as his/her box  trundles towards the flames. In an ideal world I'd draw everything out of the bank the day before I died and call people into my darkened room one by one and hand it out to them in random wodges- and nobody would know how much anyone else had got.

3. Cale refuses to talk about Lou Reed. Those who do are mostly agreed that he was a sonofabitch. By contrast everyone is falling over themselves to say nice things about David Bowie- or Dai Jones, as Cale calls him.

4. Bowie got himself disposed of with no-one watching. Neat move. My mother's friend Nora did that too. Funerals are awful.

 5 The spiritualist books I was reading at the back end of last year suggest that a lot of dead people turn up at their own funerals and find them gratifying. For myself,  I hope I'll have better things to do.

6. When Edith Nesbit needs a gender-neutral pronoun she uses "it". For example- "The five children went downstairs and each one put on its hat and coat". The effect is a little jarring.

7. I'm currently reading The Story of The Amulet. When Nesbit writes about magic she does so as with the insight and authority of an initiate of The Order of The Golden Dawn.

8. My mother kept asking, "What's that white stuff." The answer was, "Snow" but I was tempted to say, "Cocaine". She can still latch onto a joke, but I think that one would have had to be explained to her.

9. Jeremy Corbyn is saying he'd cancel the missiles but keep the subs that won't be carrying them. Now what on earth would be the point of that? Yes, I know it would appease the unions- but can't we find the sub makers something else to do- like building the Queen a new yatch?

10. I agree with everything Corbyn says but I do wonder if he's tough enough to manage the nasties in his party. He seems such a gentle man.

11. Alan Rickman will be much missed. He was a unique talent. Irreplaceable. I had thought he was younger than he was- because how old is Severus Snape?- but then he'd been a late starter and was always playing characters younger than himself- and getting away with it.  For instance he played Hamlet at 46. His stage performances weren't always well reviewed but I don't think he ever made a film he didn't enhance. Prince of Thieves would be insufferable without him.

[User Picture]From: chochiyo_sama
2016-01-17 07:58 pm (UTC)
I adored Alan Rickman in Prince of Thieves. I was so hoping his charater could be reclaimed somehow--that the witch who raised him had polluted his soul, but perhaps he could be brought back--maybe spend the rest of his life repenting in a monestary. The way he looked up at the light as he was dying--knowing that he was doomed to the flames of hell, but longing, longing for that light....it kind of broke my heart.

And only Alan Rickman could have played it like that. He was hilarious in that part too--equal parts snitty and vile.
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2016-01-17 08:56 pm (UTC)
The fly in the ointment is Kevin Costner- who takes himself and the role way too seriously. If he could have matched Rickman's comic panache- if- so to speak- he'd given it more of the Erroll Flynns- it could have been one hell of a movie.
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