Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Pleased With My Treatment, But...

I went and had my aorta checked out the other day. The NHS is offering this service to men of a certain age because apparently it's not unusual for our aortas to blow up like balloons and burst. The test's a newish thing- involving the use of ultrasound- and I must have been one of the first to be called in. My appointment wasn't at an NHS hospital but- a little bizarrely- at a private clinic specialising in "travel medicine". I've no complaints about my treatment- which was friendly, efficient and speedy- but it bothers me that a service which would once have been offered in-house is now being farmed out to the private sector. The more this sort of thing happens the more it will become regularised and the more the NHS will dwindle. Then, when the NHS is shrunk to a shadow of its former self, the private companies which have colonised its territory will be able to start charging the patient.

The NHS is a great and beautiful thing and the money-minded people who run this country would like it not to exist because it limits their opportunities for making money out of suffering. Their plan to dismantle it by farming out its work- and discredit it by starving it of funds so it can't help but disgrace itself- is very cunning- but- listen, Mr Hunt, we can see what you're doing and you need to know that history is not going to treat you kindly...
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