Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

At The Year's End

I cleared the flowerbed under the window of its heather last year because it was harbouring rats and John put in squash and pumpkin plants- only one of which prospered. This year we're going to grass it and put in lots of spring bulbs. Julia was preparing the soil this morning.

I took the Christmas tree down. It had been up since the beginning of the month. I've also gathered up the Christmas cards. I find it hard to keep in a Christmassy state of mind once Boxing Day has passed.

It's silly how much Christmas food we have still to eat. We bought a Christmas cake- because one does- and we haven't even cut it yet. There's also a whole tray of pigs in blankets still to cook. Ailz and my mother have been eating warmed-up turkey every day and they'll be doing so again today.
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