Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

We're Doomed

Oh God I'm getting old. Here I am close to tears because I've been watching We're Doomed- The Dad's Army Story- and the end credits are coming up over the Kinks singing Thank You For The Days- and it's a biggish part of my past life that's scrolling by.

It's a sweet little film. About a sweet little show. I'll have to admit- though I knock it from time to time- that I love Dad's Army.

John Sessions absolutely nails Arthur Lowe, Julian Sands doesn't get within spitting distance of John le Mesurier (but then who could?) Mark Heap isn't at all like Clive Dunn and doesn't really try to be. The chaps playing the other cast members all get close. Ralph Riach- as John Laurie- has the eyes- and knows how to roll them.

And Roy Hudd doing his Bud Flanagan act- you could tear up over that as well.
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