Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gearing Up To Christmas

This is the day I decided to come out of denial and get with the Christmas spirit so I switched on the Christmas tree lights and wrapped presents. Ho ho ho. What else would be especially Christmassy? I know, I'll open a bottle of port.

Sainsbury's delivered our Xmas shopping this morning. It came to £50 more than we spend in a normal week.

Mary called round mid-morning with a card. She's like a character from Austen or Gaskell; she tells my mother all about the latest doings of people my mother no longer knows- if she ever did- and pumps me for information which I do my best not to give her. "What's to report?" she asks. And I look at her blankly.

It's hard finding things for my mother to watch at Christmas. She doesn't like movies, she doesn't like anything with a story, so she's stuck with documentaries on BBC 2- most of which feature arctic wildlife. The one she's watching at the moment was shot in Dead Horse, Alaska.

Dead Horse- isn't that a brilliant name!
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