Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Living In A Spivocracy

Cameron, Osborne and half the cabinet were partying at Rupert Murdoch's last night. Rebekah Brooks was there as well. They must think we've got short memories...

(And they'd be right.)

I've been reading Alan Bennett's selected diary entries for 2015 in the TLS. He records hoping for a Labour victory in May because it'd mean he could give up thinking about politics, safe in the knowledge that government was in the hands of people who- if incompetent- at least had some hazy notion of the common good. As it is the spivs got back in- and it behoves us all to watch our backs.

"What's all this about a nurses pay scandal?" My mother asks, puzzling over the Telegraph headline. I tell her it's all the about the Tories destroying the NHS so they and their mates can insert their noses in the trough. She doesn't take any of it in, of course.
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