Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gilded Butterflies

Once in a while I come across an argument for monarchy that impresses me. Peter Hitchens has one this morning. He says the monarch has no power but- like the king on the chessboard- occupies a space that would otherwise be occupied by others less worthy- and hungrier- meaning the likes of Thatcher and Blair and Cameron. I suppose it's not so much a new argument as a telling phrase. King on a chessboard- I like that.

What I really hate about monarchy is not so much the institution itself as all the crawling that goes on around it- all the buttering up and flattery. What other tiny, boot-faced, old lady keeps on getting told she looks stunning in her unfashionable flower-pot hats? But I suppose that vile business- that worship of power and wealth and position- would carry on no matter who occupied the palace. There will always be courtiers.
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