Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gardening And Gardeners

Matthew has a team. Sometimes he comes himself, sometimes he sends others. These past two or three weeks he's sent Julia who says the boys rather despise gardening because it doesn't involve chainsaws, but she likes quietly pruning and weeding- and our garden is a good one to work in. Yesterday she was clearing out the large central bed.

There's a holly tree at the centre of the bed. It must be twenty foot high. She offers to have one of the chainsaw boys take its top off but I say ,"No, I like it how it is- just look at all the berries." And she says, "Those aren't holly berries, those are rose hips. You've got a rose growing up inside the holly and it's nearly as tall as the tree." Good Lord, but she's right. I've never seen a rose so big. When the poets talk about rose trees they're not exaggerating, they're talking about something like this- fifteen feet tall and spreading wide. Now Julia has cleared out the bed we can see it properly. She says she'll cut back the boughs that are dragging on the ground and next season it should be amazing.
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