Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Political Notes

1.The political establishment- including most of the media and much of the Blairite high command of the Labour Party- detests Jeremy Corbyn- because he has principles and a moral compass- and has been trying its damnedest to persuade us that the electorate feels the same way. It now has a stonking great Labour victory in Oldham West (my old constituency) to explain away.

2. In the modern political lexicon "moderate" has come to mean a person who votes for war- and writing to your MP to suggest they vote against war has become "harrassment".

3. Some MPs who were in favour of war have been labelled "baby murderers". Isn't that terrible! So much worse (in the view of the above mentioned political establishment) than voting for a policy that will inevitably result in babies being murdered.
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