Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Life On The Astral

According to the once famous spiritualist book I've been reading (A Subaltern in Spiritland by J.S.M Ward) things that have been destroyed on earth find a new home- intact- on the astral planes.

So it's the Great War and a number of recently deceased allied soldiers are living in the astral replica of a Franco-Flemish town that has been flattened by shelling. If they want furniture for their houses they go a curio shop where the stock is continually replenishing itself. "O look," says the shop keeper," There's a grandfather clock that wasn't there before." On Christmas Day they attend a service in Ypres cathedral.

Sometimes they'll catch a house reassembling itself.  If the earthly counterpart is being slowly taken apart by shellfire the astral version will materialise in stages. First the roof and upper storeys appear- suspended in mid air- and then the lower portions attach themselves in chunks.
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