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Eroticdreambattle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tony Grist

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The Noise [Nov. 8th, 2015|12:27 pm]
Tony Grist
My mother watches television from just after lunch until she turns in for the night. Today because it's the yearly celebration of militarism Remembrance Sunday she's started earlier. I won't say I never watch with her but mostly I keep my distance. Of course- small house, deaf old lady- I'm never out of earshot. Over the past two and a half years I've come to think of TV as The Noise.

[User Picture]From: lora_diary
2015-11-08 06:01 pm (UTC)

We don't have any TV at home. But when my mom was alive, we had to buy one, because it was only way to make her do something. She had Alzheimer's disease.

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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2015-11-08 06:13 pm (UTC)
My wife and I got rid of our TV shortly before we moved down here. When we move again we won't be buying one.
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