Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Still Worrying At The Same Old Bone

High culture- so called because it's past its sell by date- and stinks.

Yes, I'm back with The Dresser again- that brown Windsor soupy, well-made play- which seems to exist- at least in this production by Richard Eyre (I've never liked anything I've seen by Richard Eyre) to convince TV audiences they're not missing anything by not going to the theatre- because theatre is long-winded and wordy and static and lacking in surprises- and theatre actors (like Ian McKellen) give attention-seeking, broad-brush performances that would shame a soap-opera.

I would like it if TV put on more single plays- but let them either be written for the medium- like the classic work of Denis Potter, Jack Rosenthal and others- or else thoroughly adapted to it.

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