Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Still Under Investigation

The charge of rape against Leon Brittan was quietly dropped several months before he died, but for some reason he wasn't informed. This rather ugly oversight on the part of the police is now being used to discredit the whole of the campaign to get at the truth about child abusers in high places- and also to batter and belabour Tom Watson- who led the charge against Brittan and is now deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Muddy waters.

But it should be remembered that the rape charge always seemed a little anomalous- and that other charges against Brittan- involving the organised abuse of under-age boys- go back decades and are still being investigated. Maybe he has been wronged in every instance but we don't know that yet. It should also be remembered that Brittan isn't the only big name under suspicion. 
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