Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Long Cold Winter...

There was a report in the paper a few days back that the arctic swans have flown in from Siberia and this means it's going to be an extra long winter.

Bloody swans!

I don't know exactly what the temperature is today but I'm wearing fingerless gloves and thinking I may need to add a body warmer to the ensemble.

Tell you what would be nice: a roaring fire of applewood- like they have in this book I'm reading- the first of the Merrily Watkins series. And how about something hot to drink- not tea or coffee but something in a bowl with a roasted crab(apple) floating in it?

If it weren't only October I'd be thinking of putting the seasonal protections up- by which I mean the Christmas decorations. 
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