Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Under The Lake/Before The Flood

I like it that two-parters are becoming the norm. I've always thought 40 minutes just wasn't long enough. And it's nice to have a cliff-hanger.

Under the Lake/Before the Flood was old-style Who. Weird situation with monsters- Doctor turns up- lots of running around- Doctor does something clever. In this instance it was something mind-bendingly clever. I don't really understand what was supposed to be going-on, but I like to think Toby Whitehouse does

I hadn't recognised Paul Kaye under all that make-up. He's always good value.

I think I rather imprinted on David Tennant's Doctor- and this led me to be unfair to his successors. I need to move on. I was quite snippy about Matt Smith when he was in office but now think of him fondly.  Bow ties are cool after all.  Capaldi is the least lovable of the recent Doctors but that's not a bad thing- not a bad thing at all. The Doctor is an alien; we mustn't lose sight of that.

Is it my imagination or is Capaldi deliberately channelling Tom Baker? There's something about the way he lopes...
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