Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Part Two Of The First Story Of The Season

Bluff, counterbluff, counter-counterbluff.

"Got you that time."  "O, no you didn't. I knew what you were doing all along and kept my fingers crossed". It took me right back to the playground. As it happens I've been reading Shaw. He's a lot like Moffat; both think the world can be changed by a quibble.

I liked it when the Doctor and Davros shared a laugh. But then Davros went back to being totally evil and was immediately much less interesting. There were moments when Missy too seemed like she was treating the companion Wassaname as a woman and a sister and then she'd spoil the illusion by doing something gratuitously mean. Why do the Who villains have to be such out and out rotters? We accept a degree of moral ambiguity in the Doctor, why can't his opponents be a little nuanced too?

I love the Doctor. That's why I'm so hard on him.

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