Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Hedge And A Horse

Matthew and Bean were here yesterday- in the pouring rain- cutting a hedge down to size- and enabling a view from the house into the lower field. Bean's girlfriend has decided to go ahead with keeping her horse here and turned up mid-morning to check out the accomodation. There's a horse box in the upper field that was last used by my sons when they came down to have a camping holiday on their grandparent's property; that'll be 20 years ago- at least. I was worried rabbits had undermined it and made it unsafe but Jackie and Bean tested the floor and seemed happy enough. As part of the deal (no actual money is changing hands) they'll refelt the roof.

The horse is a spotted Apaloosian called Cookie (short for Cookies and Cream) and comes with a best friend in the shape of a goat. I don't know what the goat is called.

Cutting down half a hedge translates into a bonfire so huge I feel a little intimidated by it. 
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