Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Big Black Swan

Jeremy Corbyn may- or may not- win Scotland (or parts of Scotland) back for Labour. Iain McWhirter is quoted in the Guardian as calling him "The big black swan" in the constitutional debate. I like that. I think Corbyn should adopt it in his publicity. "Corbyn- the black swan." Do you think it could catch on? It's awfully glamorous.

Otherwise I begin to fear he's too nice, too modest for the job. It was a terrible mis-step to gloom silently and guiltily through the National Anthem and then say afterwards that he'd sing it in future. If you're going to make a big sweeping rebellious gesture you need to do it with panache- and withour regrets. Think Piaf. Think (I know it's painful) Donald Trump. Donald didn't get where he is today- on course to be the Republican candidate in the next presidential election- by having regrets. The public loves a swashbuckler. Donald has said unspeakable things but he gets away with them because of his don't give a fuck, piratical attitude. Jeremy could do with a bit more of that. If you're not going to sing that horrible anthem do it with your head held high. You're on a stage here, in the spotlight, make the most of it. And then, when people question you afterwards, spell out the case for your Republicanism.  Stand tall, be fearless, don't apologise- embrace your inner swan. 
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