Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ailz's Farm

Ailz is getting into raw foods. It's the next best thing to a religion. She's reading books that talk about the human race's "addiction" to cooking. Right now she's downstairs, organizing her seed trays, tending to her indoor farm.

Food doesn't bother me. Actually if I'm honest it bores me. I like things that taste nice, but I can't be doing with celebrity chefs and Michelin restaurants and the like. I became a vegetarian a few years back because I think the meat industry stinks, but I'm not a particularly strict one- I eat fish and cheese. Recently I've been drawn into Ailz's healthy eating drive and have cut down radically on my intake of fats. And the less of them I eat, the less of them I want. A month or so back I gave up on butter because I just can't take the greasiness.

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