Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Lazy Day In August

It's been a very hot day, but  golden, autumnal. I understand there's some heavy rain on the way.

I've been looking at old maps of our area. I wasn't wrong in my supposition that the place-names that start in "King"- King's this, King's that- are a 19th century innovation- possibly in the service of gentrification- because what has this corner of rural Kent to do with royalty? On the earliest Ordinance Survey map (early 19th century) I find the word isn't "King" but "Fin".

An odd thing. I was sitting out in my deckchair just now, and suddenly- for a fraction of a second-  the foliage in front of me stopped being random and turned into a pattern of concentric circles. This happened twice.
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