Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


1. We were at the DWP in Tonbridge yesterday for a compliance assessment or something like that. Basically they wanted to be assured  we weren't sitting on large amounts of money whilst drawing benefits. One hears so little that is good about the workings of government bureaucracy that I wanted to put it on record that we were treated with courtesy and pleasant good humour. Credit where credit is due.

2. The boldest of the squirrels has discovered she can reach the feeder if she takes a flying leap off the roof of the porch. I am somewhat in awe. It's a distance of approx 5 feet (I've just been out with a steel rule to measure it.)

3. We still haven't quite sold the house yet. (When we do the DWP will want to know what we've banked and will dock our benefits accordingly.) Ailz's mother frets about it; we don't. Last time she and Ailz spoke she was telling Ailz that Sam was trying to cheat us because that's what "they" (meaning Asians/Muslims) do. I'm always taken slightly taken aback when I come across racism roaring away at full throttle. Ailz told her mother she was a racist. "No," I'm not she replied, "I just know what these people are like."

4. Ailz went and had a mole removed this morning- by the GP under local anaesthetic.

"You all right?" asked the doctor (a fatherly type)

"Yes," said Ailz, "But I think I'll keep my eyes shut."

"So shall I," said the doctor.
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