Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

With A Lot Of Hesitancy

My sympathies are with the migrants. They're enterprising and brave.

My sympathies are also with the French. Why should they bust a gut to protect our borders?

Beyond that...

I do rather think the migrants are chasing after castles in the air. I'm flattered they think Britain is such a totally wonderful place to live but...

Channel 4 had a piece a few days back about migrants who had returned to their countries of origin. Apparently  northern Somalia is absolutely the place to be right now. They're rebuilding after the war and crying out for people. One chap had gone from being an estate agent in London to a camel herder on the edge of the desert. "This is paradise," he said. "No council tax. no bills..."

But look, this is the world as it's going to be. It's borders are porous and increasingly indefensible. As always the political instinct is to try and keep things the way they were by sticking fingers in dykes;  and as always it's an unequal fight. Sea v little Dutch boy- which are you going to back?

There's talk about deploying British soldiers to Calais. Oh brilliant! Is that really how we want to live?
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