Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

15th Century Glass

The little church at Nettlestead has a lot of 15th century glass. I understand it remained intact until the early 18th century when there was a big wind storm and most of it blew out. It was later restored, but a little haphazardly. In spite of damage and clumsy repairs Nettlestead still has more old glass than most parish churches.

Here are images of St Stephen and St Lawrence. They're clearly developed from the same drawing or pattern book or whatever it was the glaziers used. Note the Yorkist symbols at the top- white rose and sun in splendour. These almost certainly date the work to the reign of Edward IV (i461-83)

And here's the best preserved of the bigger windows- featuring three apostles. I imagine Nettlestead once possessed the full set of twelve, but one window has gone, so now it has only nine.

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