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Tony Grist

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The Hastings Museum [Jul. 24th, 2015|09:42 am]
Tony Grist
What else did we see yesterday?

A room devoted to Logie Baird (one time resident of Hastings) and the early history of television

A room devoted to Objibway writer and conservationist Grey Owl- who was born in Hastings and spent his early years going by the name of Archie Belaney (I'm not making mock; I admire the man)

A case full of puppets belonging to the Hastings Puppet Theatre- a family business that operated from the 1860s to the outbreak of WWII. Here's one of them, Isn't it just the essence of spook?

The Durbar Hall- an exquisite space of carved sandalwood (which smells lovely) originally built for The Indian and Colonial Exhibition of 1886 as a showcase for Indian art, purchased by Lord Brassey for use as a smoking room and now available for weddings.

The Brassey collection of ethnology- put together by Annie Brassey- late Victorian world traveller, writer and indefatigable collector of stuff. Here's one of her pieces- a Tibetan bodhisattva

And then there was a room foll of seascapes and a room full of pottery- including what is reputed to be the largest 16th century majolica dish in existence- and a corner remembering the time the Mods and Rockers came to Hastings and- inevitably- a room full of stuffed animals and...well,,, you get the picture. It's a typical local Museum; there's a randomness to it; its holdings depend on what local people who collected things have been prepared to donate. It has treasures and it has tat and it's all so very interesting

I love local museums. You never know what you're going to find...

[User Picture]From: porsupah
2015-07-24 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm rather regretting, now, never having really explored Hastings, whilst I was in the area. Still, in my defense, I usually didn't go anywhere during the week, and going out was, if anywhere, off to Brighton, generally paying pilgrimage to the Greys. (Which pub has undergone a couple changes of ownership since then, once into a wine bar (!), and now, I understand, back into a nifty pub, this time with more of a South Asian style on the food)

Isn't it just the essence of spook?

My subconscious felt it would be amusing to initially read that as Spock. ^_^;

It does indeed sound like quite a jolly little establishment! If finances get back on an even keel in the coming weeks, I'd rather like to make a few days of it down around Hastings and Brighton. Though that would still leave me dearly wishing I could haul many pints of excellent cider back from Middle Farm. =:9

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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2015-07-24 01:49 pm (UTC)
I'd like to move to Hastings when the time comes. We go there a lot- and it's already beginning to feel like our home town.
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