Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Me And My Dentists

When I was a small child we had this dentist who didn't believe in using the drill on kids.

He was a nice old man. My dad played golf with him.

If I got a cavity he just filled it full of hot metal. When friends complained about the pains of dentistry I smiled indulgently. They should go see my dentist. He didn't hurt.

Then our man retired or dropped dead and we had to move to another practice. This new dentist (Dr Dresner- he had a glamorous blonde assistant and an Errol Flynn moustache) spent a year- and more- undoing everything the first dentist had done. And what he did involved drills, big needles, the works.

It left a mental scar.

Guess where I'm going this morning.....
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