Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Harry Potter Revisited

I was tough on the Harry Potter movies when they first came out (not a patch on the books I said) but I notice I tend to settle down and watch them whenever they come on TV. Last night it was Order of The Phoenix. "What's this?" asked my mother. "Harry Potter." I said. "No wonder I don't understand a word of it!" she replied.

There were several attempts to replicate the success of the Potter franchise but none of them caught on. For instance I caught a few minutes of something starring Nicolas Cage the other day. Sorcerer's Apprentice it was called and it was crap. There was a kid in it who whined. Then ten years passed and he'd been transmogrified into an equally whiney adult. No, no, no, no- that's not the way to do it!
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