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Tony Grist

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Meadowland [Jun. 18th, 2015|05:54 pm]
Tony Grist
Matthew sent his man into the fields with a strimmer yesterday and had him cut down all the young saplings.  Woodland, he explains, is worth less than meadowland.

According to the National Trust, Britain has lost 97% of its meadowland since the war. Isn't that frightful!

I took a folding chair into the field this afternoon and sat and read a book (and took a nap) head high in grasses and buttercups.

[User Picture]From: huskyteer
2015-06-19 09:32 am (UTC)
Please tell me the man took his dog with him when he went to mow the meadow. And, preferably, that he was later joined by a succession of other men.
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