Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We've had wasps and hornets living at the farm but never bees, never until now.

A small bunch of them came buzzing round the eaves the day before yesterday; these, I suppose were the scouts.

And then yesterday I was sitting out on the patio, reading a book, when I heard a droning noise. I looked up and the air was full of them. Thousands of them.  I decided I'd be better off watching developments from inside.

They were settling on the side wall, just under the guttering.  There's a hole there- leading, I think, to the space between the wall and the tile cladding- and they were queuing up in orderly fashion to go inside.

This morning they seem to  have settled in nicely. They have a few sentries posted and the workers are coming and going.
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