Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Family Day Out

Here are Mike and Su Young- my son and daughter-in-law. The house they're standing in front of (where they're staying until they get to move to a place of their own) belongs to the Methodist Church (long story).  It's a modest 1930s semi with a tiny garden but because it's in London and within walking distance of a tube station it's worth nearly a million pounds. The London housing market is mad, mad, mad.

We had lunch in a pub then had a wander through Trent Park. You wouldn't think this was London, would you?

At the heart of the park is a big house, Trent Park, built by Sir Philip Sassoon- the poet's brother- in the 1920s. He entertained the literati and glitterati there. During the war it was used as a POW camp for German officers and most recently served as a university. Now it's empty, awaiting the next transformation.

Also in Trent Park is an animal sanctuary. They have Shetland ponies, blind hedgehogs a fallow deer that was born in the local cemetery and thinks its human and a heron that someone hit with a broom when it tried to raid a suburban fishpond.
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