Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Anglo-Saxon Attitudes: Angus Wilson

Angus Wilson was a big name in English literature a generation ago and now he ain't. It happens. Personally, I thnk there's a  high degree of arbitrariness about the canon. Books need champions and if they don't show up, well...

So here I am to say that Anglo Saxon Attitudes is pretty good. Not, perhaps, a world-bestriding masterpiece, but sharp, funny, clever- and valuable- if only as social history- for it's wide-ranging view of English society in the 1950s. There are professors, there are "pansies", the generation of 14-18 is running things but with increasingly palsied hands, people with money can still afford to have servants living in, young people in bedsits and studios are reading Sartre- and TV is creating its first national celebs...
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