Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Stormy Weather, Robert Aickman, Busy Morning

The night before last was stormy- and things kept going bang. Some of the bangs seemed to come from inside the room but I don't know what they were. Anyway Ailz and I both slept wretchedly.  I could do with wandering round the grounds to see if any larger bits of tree have blown down.

I bought a book of ghost stories at Polesen Lacey (As with all NT houses these days there's a secondhand bookshop)- mainly because it contains Robert Aickman's "The Cicerones"- which I've been trying to run to earth for ages. It's a good'un- one of his best. A middle-aged tourist enters the cathedral of St Bavon in Ghent to find it strangely deserted.  He sees something a little disconcerting in the pulpit. Then he is accosted...

Lots of coming and going this morning. Kirsty's just left, Sainsbury's delivered our groceries for the week, John is in the garage mending the lawnmower- which he crocked up by running over a tree stump a fortnight ago- and we're expecting a man from the garage in T Wells to come and take the car away for a service.
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