Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Filling My Boots

I bought 23 books in the closing down sale at Tome. 14 of them are volumes from the "Memorial Edition" of the works of George Meredith, published in 1910. They're very handsome books- and Ailz sort of dared me to buy them, so I did. I've never read Meredith but I've sometimes thought I should. And now I shall. Everything was priced at 50p- which is a ridiculous. Among the rest of the books are two by de la Mare- both first editions. The proprietor very kindly produced a box from behind the scenes for me to carry them away in.

Ailz bought a couple of mugs with Tome printed on them and the code for the now presumably defunct website.

I'm in two minds about all this plunder. I feel like a penitent pirate.

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