Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Four Things

1. We have blue tits nesting in the roof just above our bedroom window. They come and go, come and go.

2. Last year we didn't have any sparrows around the farm. This morning I saw a pair at one of the feeders. Ailz says she and Kirstie have seen them before.

3. Thanks to her new hearing aids, My mother no longer has to have the volume on her TV cranked up to eleven. I put the racing on for her yesterday afternoon and when I went back in to check on her she'd been fiddling with the remote and was contentedly watching Star Trek TNG on the Horror Channel. Someone was trying to fly through the corona of a star. It was an enormous scientific advance. Whoever wrote the dialogue should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

4. I wake with the sunrise and then can't get back to sleep again. It's Wednesday so I can hear the bin-men trundling about. I think how wrong it is that Kevin Pieterson has been sacked from the England Test team and play nifty little leg glances in my head. Once in a while I loft a six into the crowd. 
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