Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell, Episode 1

I loved the book. It's a leisurely book with lots of texture- and a TV adaption- even one that's been stretched to seven hours- is bound to go at a differen pace.  I could wish the adaptors had taken it by the tail and turned it inside out (that's how you translate something from one medium to another) but they've opted for a pious- if hasty- retelling of the story - scene by scene- very much as Susannah Clarke wrote it. The word for this is pedestrian. But it looks good- and as if rather more than a BBC budget has been spent on it. Some of the acting is a little too effusive- but this doesn't apply to Eddie Marsan who- as the dry, snuffy little Norrell- dominates every scene he's in.
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