Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The End Of The Labour Party?

I know what the Tories are for. They exist to serve the powers that be (which these days means the bankers and the corporations) and keep the little people in their place. But Labour?

The Labour party was created as the political arm of an industrial working class that no longer exists. Tony Blair and his gang "modernised" it- and made it indistinguishable in thought, word and deed from the Conservative Party. They kept it going on spin and charisma and by the end of their three terms had stripped it of all credibility as a party of the left. Ed Miliband tinkered and fiddled-but to little effect- and now it's nothing but a heap of rusting, clapped out machinery- and there has to be a real question- after the battering it took in this last election- whether it can be made to go again. Because- except as a vehicle for political ambitions- what on earth is the point of it?
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