Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Keeper Of The Records

A couple of distant relatives have contacted me about the history of my mother's family. The first one found me through an online conversation I had with my nephew in 2008- probably here on LJ. Thanks to the Net our footprints in the sand are now indelible.

I have a cupboard full of photographs and papers- including the Enid Allen archive which I received from my cousin Emily. It's been stashed unsystematically. I have a conscience about preserving this stuff; I'd never throw it away; but I don't have the heart or the patience to curate it properly. I find it interesting; I'm not sure I'd call it important.

So now I'm an elder and a keeper of the records.  And I do know quite a bit. I was able to give the second enquiree some information he was lacking- the maiden name of my grandmother's mother for instance- and correct a couple of mistakes or semi-mistakes.
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