Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Ghost Train

A West End hit (written by Arnold Ridley- who later played Private Godfrey in Dad's Army) rejigged as a vehicle for Lancashire comedian "big-hearted" Arthur Askey and his suave straight man Richard "Stinker "Murdoch. A bunch of travellers are stranded over night in a haunted railway station. There are laughs and chills- and Murdoch gets to fire an automatic in anger. (In the 1940s it was the cool thing to shoot from the hip; now it looks dorky.) Askey is (or plays) one of those comedians who is never "off"- producing a non-stop fusillade of clowning, back chat and impressions. He reminds me of Robin Williams.

I couldn't really tell you if this movie is any good; I remember all these people from my childhood and I'm fond of them.
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