Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

On the Eve Of The Election

Do the party leaders change anyone's political opinions by tear-arseing round the country in the way they feel bound to do in the run up to an election?  It's not as if they meet people. Wherever they go it's nothing but photo-ops and carefully vetted audiences and the same green-mouldy soundbites. If it wasn't that they'd get found out they might just as well stay in one place and act out in front of a bluescreen.

The Edstone was a terrible idea, but I'll bet the person who came up with it was paid a shed-load of money.

Cameron was on the radio this morning dodging a question about what he'd do if he doesn't win an outright majority (which he won't.)  He and Miliband are as bad as one another in this refusal to engage with what's going to happen on Friday.

I see UKIP has had to uncouple yet another candidate who has said something hideously racist.

As always the cool kids endorse Labour. Most recently there's been Russell Brand and Steve Coogan. The Mail told us what jokes they both were and- without any sense of irony-  put the paragraph under one in which Joan Collins was quoted as backing the Tories.

The stalest, most hateful phrase of the moment is "hard-working families". It makes me think of those Ladybird books about Jane and John and their ever-smiling parents. What about the people who don't and can't work? What about the people without families? Do our political elites have any idea how Britain lives and loves in the 21st century?
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