Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

David Cameron

David Cameron is a throwback to those 19th century politicians who went into politics because it's what people of their class did. He gave us the key to what drives him when he called the election a "Career Country defining moment".

He enjoys his work but has nothing to bring to it but but an Etonian plausibility and ease of manner and the unexamined values of the Chipping Camden set. When he pretends passion- as he did the other day- with the speech about how "bloody pumped up" he gets when he sees an entrepreneur- it's as if he were auditioning for the school play. He's a better actor than Ed Miliband and if acting were all it took he'd be a perfectly acceptable Prime Minister. His smooth pink face gives very little away. If he has a hinterland it remains unexplored. He is the least known and least knowable of recent prime ministers.

He has achieved very little in office that was worth achieving. He has applied policies that have harrassed the poor and allowed the very rich to get richer,  he has dropped bombs on foreigners to no very good effect, he has presided over the first stage of the break up of the United Kingdom. When he goes we'll forget him very quickly.
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