Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Oh Ed!

At the big bait-the-party-leaders event on TV last night Ed Miliband got himself pushed into a corner and found himself declaring he'd rather see a Tory government than have to reach any kind of accomodation with the SNP.

Oh Ed, what are you thinking?

Because, realistically, the only way Labour is going to form a government this time round is with backing from the Nats- who look as though they'll be making a clean sweep of Scotland. So what happens after the election when the Tories are the biggest party but there's the option of forming a coalition of the left that would command a majority? Will Ed just hand Cameron the keys?

It's not just that he looks funny, or performs badly in public, it's that Miliband has been unable to make any kind of case for himself and his party. Why would anyone on the left vote for a man who would prefer to see five more years of Tory rule than have anything to do with another party of the left? Really he doesn't deserve to win.
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