Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Four Things

1. Marlowe keeps catching shrews. He's killed three in the past three days and brought others home alive so they can run round the house like soot demons.  Do shrews live in colonies? If so he must have found one.

2. I asked my doctor for a review of my medication.  I'm on the maximum recommended dose of codeine and have been for years. She isn't keen on this and gave me a couple of new prescriptions to help me cut down. This new doctor is much less proactive than the one we had in Oldham. He was always calling us in and doing things to us whereas she is happy to wait until we present with issues- which is what I prefer. I asked her about my mother's dementia and whether we should get her diagnosed and her reply amounted to, "Why bother?"- which accords very well with my own instincts.

3. I watched Evan Davis interview Ed Miliband last night. It was embarrassing. Miliband may have what it takes to be Prime Minister but he's useless at being a person.

4. I've started Dr Thorne- the third of the Barsetshire novels. We've left the cathedral city behind and are out among the county aristocracy. Squire Gresham (who isn't the man his father was) has mismanaged his estates and is horribly short of cash- and I'm doing my best to care. 
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