Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Knock-On Effect

We now have a shower cubicle. It occupies a corner of the spare bedroom and has displaced various items of furniture- and once you've displaced one item of furniture there's a knock-on effect and you find yourself re-arranging the whole house...

The spare bedroom used to be my father's study. He had it set up as though it were the captain's cabin. The last vestiges of that conceit- a brassbound clock and barometer- made their exits today.

"He's not around to see," I say.

"Oh yes he is," says Ailz.

My father's erstwhile desk- actually a dining room table- divides in two halves. I've left one half in situ and moved the other into my mother's bedroom. On past form I don't expect her to notice.

How many paper knives does one family need?

What I'd like to do now is bring in the black bags and fill them- dozens of them- and cart them off to the charity shop- but this is my mother's stuff and I don't quite like to do it. I smuggle things out by dribs and drabs- but stop short of a massive, merciless, all-in-one clear out.
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