Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Good Earth

Matthew turned up  with a truckload of manure. He'd intended it for another client who told him at the last moment that they didn't want it. I offered to pay and he said "Just remember I'm in credit with you."

I planted a shrub yesterday. The untreated soil round here is the stiffest clay- and I broke a spade in half trying to lever a clump of some gritty conglomerate out of the hole. I softened things up with a scatter of Matthew's manure.

I saw my first butterfly of the spring this afternoon. A red admiral- sunning itself on a nettlebed.

The cat just brought in another of its little playmates and chased it behind a chest of drawers. So far as I know it's still there. This could run and run.
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