Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Thursday felt like the first day of Spring but yesterday was as wintry as you could wish. We went to Deal but didn't see as much of it as we'd have liked owing to the rain and fog. We had lunch at a tandoori restaurant where (this is getting to be the norm) we were the only customers.

Look Deal up on Wikipedia and you find quotes from Defoe, Cobbett and Dickens all saying what a godforsaken dump it is. These days it's just quaint. Once it was a garrison town, full of soldiers, sailors and smugglers; now the barracks have been carved up into luxury apartments. We decided we'd add it to the list of towns where we'd be happy to go house hunting.

Nelson buried a young officer of whom he was fond in St George's churchyard in the centre of town. A contemporary account describes him leaning against a tree, openly weeping, like the man of sensibility he was.

St George's churchyard, Deal
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