Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ightham Mote

If I ever choose to build a house in the astral it will, I think, look something like this.

101_7287 (2)


101_7297 (2)

Ightham Mote is an early14th century manor house with Tudor additions. It sits at the bottom of a valley and has its moat filled by streams that come down from the North Downs and empty into the Medway.Time has been kind to it; no-one particularly famous has ever lived there, and the most sensational incident in its history (the discovery of a skeleton walled up beside the fireplace in the Great Hall) was almost certainly a Victorian practical joke (medical students were staying in the house at the time). The structure in the second picture that looks like a dog kennel is exactly that; it is the only Grade I listed dog kennel in the country.

PS. Mote doesn't mean moat. It means meeting place.
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