Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

No Country For Old Men

There are plenty of sites out there that discuss the ending so I'm going to leave it alone- except to say it plays cruel games with genre and the audience's expectations. Much as life itself does, which is rather the point. There's so much to say you could write a book- and I expect people have. Short of that you're reduced to talking about the craft of the thing- which is remarkable- but when the nature of reality is under discussion it seems a little flimsy to be talking about how beautiful the scenery is- or perhaps not. But that's what this movie does, it gets you in two minds- or maybe three or four- and they're all arguing with one another.  Javier Bardem took the acting Oscar- and quite right too- because he's fearsome- but there should also have been one for Tommy Lee Jones who injects warmth and laissez-faire wisdomin into a story which would otherwise have been as cold as hell. 
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