Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What We Did On Our Day Off

The Croma pizzeria on the top floor of the Tunbridge Wells Odeon comes as a surprise. You expect it to be just another Pizza Hut or Domino's and it's considerably better than that. There's an open kitchen so you can watch the young staff hand-making the pizza dough- and the space- all glass and mirrors so it's glittery and hard to read- was designed by Enzo Apicella who (I googled him) has been famous since the '60s. Also they show old Hal Roach comedies on a big screen featuring Ben Turpin or Charlie Chase or the Little Rascals. Charlie Chase plays a Woosterish young cove and is rather endearing. Once in a while Stan Laurel and or Oliver Hardy show up, but never together because these were early days and they hadn't got together yet. Ollie is always the bully- his essential sweetness untapped.

We had meant to see Foxcatcher but there wasn't an afternoon showing, so we drove to Hastings took a look at the sea- which was silvery green in the sinking light- and drove home again, stopping on the way to get the car washed for the first time in six months. 

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