Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

And They're Off

O gawd; it's started. Apparently. Officially. The 2015 General election campaign, I mean. Ed Milliband says we're faced with a once in a generation choice (but they always say that)

Five months of bickering and anger and lies. O dear, dear, dear. Do they really think we'll love them any more at the end of it?

But no, love isn't what it's about. They just hope they can make us hate the other fellow more.

Most of us will put out hands over our ears and go "La, la, la" until it's over.

One thing that made me smile this morning is that Nigel Farage is five points behind the Tory candidate in the seat he hopes to win. The media keep insisting that there's going to be this unstoppable UKIP surge, but I'm not sure they're right. I do so hope they aren't. 
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