Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Things That Change, Things That Don't

He was my best friend at university and my youngest son's godfather but I don't  think I'd actually seen him in 30 years. Over the last decade we've done no more than exchange notes at Christmas but- as Yeats says- "friendship never ends" and when we met this afternoon we  took up where we'd left off.  The only difference is we're now a couple of ancient blokes. He still has all his hair but it's white.

Ailz likes him too.

He gave me a tour of the university. Now that has changed. When I was a student the campus was remarkable for its wide open spaces. Now those spaces have been filled up with buildings. Had you taken me there in a blindfold and only whipped it off when we were in among the concrete blocks and puddled walkways I'd not have recognised where I was or, at least, not until you showed me the view downhill to the cathedral.

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