Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Festive Viewing

I put the Queen's Christmas message on for my mother and watched it with her and it was as dull as ever. "So she isn't abdicating," said Ailz.

The Queen was followed by a humourless Shrek spin-off called Puss in Boots. I left my mother to it. After twenty minutes of animated mayhem she asked, plaintively, of no-one in particular, "Where's the Queen gone?"

I didn't make my mother watch Dr Who but let an hour elapse and caught it on the i-player. I hadn't been thrilled to learn Santa would be appearing but in the event it was all rather cleverly managed. Christmas specials are usually crap and this one wasn't. Apparently Jenna Colman isn't abdicating either. 
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